Never Miss a Chance to Dance

Never miss a chance to dance. This woman remarkably danced away 150 pounds! Watch.

My transformation wasn’t quite as dramatic…

… but yeah…

I never miss a chance to dance.


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Dancing with the Stars Season 25 Cast

Dancing with the Stars returns on September 18 with season 25. Here’s the cast of celebrity dance contestants. You’ll note I am not on the list (again), but still waiting. Just kidding (not really).

Barbara Corcoran is a real estate mogul, business expert, entrepreneur and cast member of Shark Tank.

Debbie Gibson is an ’80s pop star and Broadway actress.

Derek Fisher is a professional basketball coach and former NBA player.


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What’s Up with the Feud Between NDCA and USA Dance?

What’s up with the feud between NDCA and USA Dance? The rift is so polarizing you get a different answer depending on whom you ask so I decided to find our for myself. No biased opinion here… no impudent #NotMyGoverningDanceOrganization… just the facts. I promise.

Believe it or not, the first world championship of ballroom dance took place in 1909. The event was considered unofficial due to a lack of rules and ill-defined, inconsistent protocol for ranking and judging

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The Dancing Housewife Show Season 1 Episode 3: Jenn Jackson Dancing through Breast Cancer

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Amateur ballroom dancer and breast cancer survivor, Jen Jackson, is the author of Breast Cancer Ballroom Dancer, a blog about dancing through cancer treatment and beyond. She shared her inspirational story with me as a guest on The Dancing Housewife Show last fall. Listen here…

DANCE UPDATE: Jenn competed in the Vancouver Challenge Cup in January and reported it was a great personal success. Visit her blog to read

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The One About the Painful Bunions

Dear Dance Diva,

I think I may have bunions or possibly osteo-arthritis in the great toe joints on both of my feet. They are chronically stiff and swollen which makes dancing incredibly painful. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this problem or at least cope with it? Quitting dancing is not an option!

Painful Peds

Dear Painful Peds,

I feel your pain. First off, make sure to invest in a good pair of proper fitting dance shoes and wear toe spacers between your great toe and second toe when

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