No Words

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Just when you think there’s nothing more uncomfortable and awkward (and creepy) than being expected to give impromptu recitals in public like a couple of dancing circus poodles when people find out you and your husband, The Dancing Doc, are ballroom dancers, there’s this…


No words.

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The Unexpected Benefit of Ballroom Dancing

If you’re looking for the sport of a lifetime, may I suggest ballroom dancing? Sure, there’s golf and tennis and power walking and a host of other healthy ways to spend your time, but there is an unexpected benefit you only get from ballroom dancing. [Related: The Top 5 Reasons I Love Ballroom Dancing]

Ballroom dancing burns calories. It improves coordination and core strength. It reduces stress. It makes you happy. And it makes you smarter because engaging in dynamic brain functions

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The One About the Bad Breath

Dear Dance Diva,

What do you do when a guy asks you to dance and he has really, really bad breath? This guy and I belong to the same dance club so I see him almost every weekend at one party or another. He asks me to dance a lot and every time I give him some excuse and decline. He’s a good dancer and a nice person and if it wasn’t for his bad breath, I’d enjoy dancing with him – is it rude to tell him the truth? I am running out of excuses.

—Holding My Breath


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