The One About the Guy Dating His Co-Worker

Dear Dance Diva,

I had a crush on a female coworker for around two years, but when it comes to women I’m shy and lack confidence. I tried, but couldn’t get the nerve to ask her out so I started taking dance lessons in order to impress her at our company holiday party. It worked. We danced a few times at the party, one thing led to another, I asked her out and we’ve been dating for the last six weeks. We both really enjoy dancing and she started taking lessons at the same studio

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The Story of The Dancing Housewife And The Dancing Doc

Once upon a time there was a housewife and her husband, the doctor, who became competitive ballroom dancers because they wanted a hobby they could enjoy together once their youngest son headed off to college. This is their story.

2016 USA Dance National Dancesport Championships

One day, The Dancing Housewife was stopped at a traffic light at the entrance to her neighborhood when the word BALLROOM screamed at her from a sign across the intersection. She had been driving through that intersection for nearly ten years so it struck her as odd that

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